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What is a colognoisseur?

Jean Blanc from The Bachelorette is a colognoisseur

There are a couple of things we know for sure about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette: Chris Harrison will draw out the drama over multiple commercial breaks — and the contestants will all have peculiar job titles in their biographies, like “chicken enthusiast,” “social media participant,” “hipster” and “manscaper.”

We can figure out what most of those job titles mean, but there’s one on season 14 that has us all confused. Jean Blanc, a 31-year-old from Pensacola, Florida, calls himself a colognoisseur.

A what?

What is a colognoisseur?

You’ve probably heard of a connoisseur. It’s an Old French word meaning “an expert, a judge, one well-versed.” So, deductive reasoning tells us he probably knows a lot about cologne.

And Jean Blanc’s ABC bio even confirms the colognoisseur definition. The Haitian immigrant is getting a master’s degree in business administration from Duke, works in finance and “continues to add to his very impressive cologne collection.”

The colognoisseur — who likens himself to a “charming and attentive” French bulldog on his personal website — is also in the midst of launching Jean Blanc Boutique, “an innovative company that will disrupt the luxury fragrance industry.”

Harrison also confirmed Blanc’s status as a cologne collector and hinted that the entrepreneur might be a little too into cologne.

“He is a colognoisseur, which means he loves cologne,” he said. “I don’t know if any woman loves to hear that. I don’t know… I guess I’ll leave that up to Becca to decide, but he has like 250 bottles of cologne.”

A look at his social media profiles shows he’s been working on the collection since at least 2013.


Cologne collection 50 bottles and counting …

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And sadly, it looks like the post didn’t get much love at the time.

Will the colognoisseur Jean Blanc get a rose?

Blanc — like most contestants on The Bachelorette — is extremely attractive, but will his French bulldog charm and cologne be enough to capture Becca Kafrin’s heart? We’ll have to wait and see, but Harrison is promising there will be plenty happening in the new season regardless.

“[There will be] maybe the most ridiculous fight you’ve ever seen in the history of our show, which is saying a lot… It’s just magnificent to watch,” Harrison told ET. “It’s going to be one of those [seasons where] you’re watching through your fingers because you’re embarrassed for everybody involved but you can’t stop watching.”