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What is the Taco Cleanse?


We’ve all tried diets and honestly most of them kind of make us want to die. Could there at last be a diet that actually makes us want to live? Could this diet be the Taco Cleanse?

“What’s the Taco Cleanse?” you ask with your head tilted and your stomach rumbling like a stampede of cravings.

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“The Taco Cleanse was created through many years of research by a group of dedicated Taco Scientists in Austin, Texas,” the diet’s creators explains online. “Taking the seemingly simple and perfect concept of the Taco, this diet re-imagines it to fit every kind of lifestyle.”

In essence, the cleanse with it’s “taco scientists,” is, at best, a parody diet. A diet whose final goal isn’t to help you lose weight but to eat better and live happier.

“It’s not intended to help you lose weight,” the Latin Times explains “The idea of the diet is to adapt a lifestyle where you eat clean and get more energy.”

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Additionally, the site for the cleanse claims:

  • “You will wake up in the morning with new enthusiasm when you know your day is going to start with a breakfast taco.”
  • “Your chakras will become realigned into an optimal taco pattern.”
  • “Your life will become more fun and you will make more friends while consuming the required margarita supplements on the plan.”
  • “Your sleep will improve as you begin to detox from the negative self images associated with other diet plans.”

Also “,in a recent study 100% of women trying to conceive successfully became pregnant within weeks of being on the Taco Cleanse.”

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Honestly what could be so bad about any of that? Are you honestly turned off by the idea of eating nothing but tacos for 30 days?

Jennifer Aniston isn’t. That’s right, according to a recent interview with Yahoo, the actress said she was “riveted” by the idea and even ordered the book on Amazon in the middle of her interview.

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