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What Pokemon Go looks like in Syria

A Syrian man is using the popularity of Pokemon Go to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict in Syria. Moustafa Jano, who is now living in a refugee camp in Sweden after fleeing from Syria, created images showing Pikachu running from explosions, crossing choppy seas and sitting amongst the debris of a war torn city.

Why did you create these images?

Because in just a few days this Pokemon game has spread around the world and people have gone crazy about it. It’s all they’re thinking and talking about.

What message do you want to spread?

I want people to know what miserable lives the Syrian children are living. Many, many Syrian kids are dying every day for nothing. They just want to live in peace; they want a bright future. But there is no future for our kids. I made these images to send a message to the people, to make them understand what is happening in my country. We all are living on the same planet and what is happening in my country is really miserable.

How can your images help Syrian children?

I don’t just want my images to be shared on social media, I want them to help stop the conflict in my country.

What is your current situation?

Right now, I am living in a refugee camp in Sweden. I left my family in the north of Iraq

—Daniel Casillas

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