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What time does Facebook Watch release episodes of Sorry for Your Loss?

Sorry for Your Loss Facebook Watch

It has been said in print and online, repeatedly, for the past few years, but the point still stands that “Peak TV” is alive and well, and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. One of the most concrete signs of this is the fact that new outlets, most of them streaming or web-based, keep popping up every year, all of them exploding with new shows for potential audiences to find, like and latch on to. Such is the case for the Sorry For Your Loss Facebook Watch series, a riveting portrait of loss and grief starring Elizabeth Olsen and Kelly Marie Tran that premieres this week.

Created by Kit Steinkellner, who previously wrote for the Amazon series about Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, Z: The Beginning of Everything, the Sorry for Your Loss Facebook Watch show follows Leigh Shaw (Olsen) as she tries to put the shattered pieces of her life back together following the sudden death of her husband, Matt (Mamoudou Athie). With plenty of help and hindrances from her recovering addict sister Jules (Tran) and her at-times spacey mother Amy (Janet McTeer), Leigh mostly manages to do just that.

As much as Matt’s death and Leigh’s attempts to reconcile herself with it are the centerpiece of the scripted dramedy, however, the series floats around between flashbacks of the pair’s burgeoning life together and the present day. It also delves into the minutiae commonly associated with such loss, from Leigh’s inability to access her late husband’s phone, to his brother Danny’s (Jovan Adepo) claim that she “really didn’t know him as well as” she thought.

Sorry For Your Loss Facebook Watch episodes

Yet in an age of television commonly associated with binge-watching, both with newer programs designed for such viewing and older shows made available on major streaming platforms, the idea of binging a drama like Sorry For Your Loss might not seem all that enticing. After all, who wants to be said for multiple episodes at a time?

Luckily, Steinkellner has created a show that, though it deals with major themes like death and loneliness, offers its characters plenty of time to find humor and other emotions in what’s happening around them. This is especially true of the family dynamic shared between Leigh, Jules and Amy, whose bond is as full of love as it is annoying at times.

There’s also the matter of the length, for while most original streaming shows (especially on Netflix) have typically ignored the half-hour and hour time constraints typically associated with television programming, Sorry For Your Loss sticks pretty closely to the 30-minute mark. Not only is this atypical of most streaming, but it’s also unheard of in terms of more dramatic fare.

So instead of crying your eyes out for nearly an hour of emotionally taxing viewing, the Sorry For Your Loss Facebook Watch series want audiences to enjoy themselves for discrete periods of time. The result is a fantastic new show that will undoubtedly help launch yet another “Peak TV” platform for years to come.

Check out the Sorry for Your Loss trailer below

What time will you see episodes of the Sorry for Your Loss Facebook Watch series?

The Sorry For Your Loss Facebook Watch series debuts on Tuesday, Sept. 18, at 6 p.m. EST/ 9 p.m. PST.

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