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What time does Hulu release episodes of The First?

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We think a lot about the future, and whether it’s going to take us to space. And so, of course, does our entertainment. From the runaway success of The Martian, first the book and later the movie, to the almost-flop of The Expanse (which was Syfy and is now Amazon, thanks in large part to Bezos’ love of the books on which the series is based), we can’t stop talking about it, or making media around it, as it were. And while Hulu’s been a little late to the game, all of that changes this week when they launch their new series. So when can you expect to see the episodes of The First on Hulu, and why should you tune in? We’ll break it down.

The streaming service has leaned pretty heavily into advertising the Friday, September 14 launch of their new series. After all, what’s not to be excited about? The series, about a group of astronauts trying to be the first humans on Mars, is getting some good press ahead of its official launch. Hulu has also assembled a power duo to lead the action: Sean Penn and Natascha McElhone.

Penn’s accolades proceed him, but McElhone brings a lot to the table, and potentially some crossover fans. Loyal viewers of Designated Survivor were stricken when her character, Alex, was killed off the show and it was ambiguous whether it was an accident or attack. Though the show might have been saved, moving from ABC to Netflix to continue for its third season, McElhone’s character wasn’t so lucky. There’s a chance her fans might jump ship with her, abandoning Designated Survivor’s continued run in favor of her appearance in The First on Hulu.

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You can check out her on-screen gravitas thanks to the official trailer released by the streaming service back in late August. We’ve added that below so you can get excited for the launch.

Check out The First Hulu trailer below

It’s unclear how much of the series we’re seeing in the trailer, although it’s likely it’s the mostly the first episode or two. Despite the gravity (no pun intended) of their mission to Mars, the trailer manages to keep it from feeling dystopian, unlike other space-related dramas we’ve seen. Watch it for yourself below and find out what you can expect when the series drops.



What time will you see episodes of The First on Hulu?

You know the series launches tomorrow, Friday, September 14, but if you’re itching to press play, that might not be enough information. Hulu drops their new episodes into their content library at 3am ET. So if you’re willing to stay up late, you can stream the two episodes that will be released of The First on Hulu before you start work tomorrow morning. That’s more likely for viewers on the West Coast, who get to access them at 12pm local time. Bookmark the show’s landing page on the streaming service for easy access. Either way, you’re just hours away from Hulu’s foray past Earth’s atmosphere, and what looks to be powerful performances by Penn and McElhone.

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