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What to Buy (and Skip) in April

While April’s showers prep flowers for May, you can get ready for spring cleaning, taxes and more with sales.

Take advantage of this month’s discounts and avoid the duds with our list of the top things you should buy — and a few you should skip — in April.

Buy: Vacuums

If spring cleaning season has you convinced that your old vacuum isn’t getting the job done, now might be the time to buy a new one. You’ll find plenty of vacuum sales and home cleaning deals this month.

The discounts may not be as steep as they were on Black Friday, but you can still find deals from home-cleaning brands and third-party retailers. For example, Amazon’s Spring Event section includes deals on some of the site’s top vacuums, and Dyson is hosting a limited-time clearance sale with discounts of up to $150 through April 15.

Skip: Mattresses

April can be a great time for a fresh start, but don’t get rid of everything old just yet.

Major household purchases, such as mattresses and furniture, are best made during sales that occur around Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. Last year, mattresses were discounted by hundreds of dollars during Memorial Day at outlets including Mattress Firm and Sleep Train Mattress Centers.

This year, Memorial Day is May 29, but deals will likely start the week before and run throughout the three-day weekend.

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Buy: Jewelry

In general, jewelry stores are more motivated to have sales during non-gift-giving months. And since there aren’t any jewelry-centric holidays — such as Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day — in April, now is a good time to find discounts. Whenever possible, try to negotiate jewelry prices.

Skip: Bedding and linens

If you’re in the market for fresh bedding, linens or towels, you’re a few months too late. Stores offer the best discounts on bedding each January during “white sales.”

Look ahead toward deals at Memorial Day and Labor Day sales at department stores, including Macy’s and J.C. Penney.

Buy: Easter leftovers

Easter falls on April 16, so the second half of the month will be an ideal time to stock up on holiday leftovers, such as candy and decorations. Look for closeout sales at drug stores and department chains as retailers clear inventory to make room for Mother’s Day displays.

It’s not uncommon to find deals of 50% off or more, so you can stock up on baskets and plush bunnies for next year.

Skip: Summer essentials

Long months of winter blues could have you itching to skip spring and head straight to summer, but there are better times to stock up on swimsuits and beach hats. Prices for seasonal items tend to be highest at the beginning of the season and lowest at the end.

Try to hold out a few more months before replacing those old flip-flops. You can expect midseason sales after demand has cooled.

Bonus: Tax Day goodies

This year, Tax Day is April 18. To brighten up this sometimes dreaded day, look for Tax Day deals from retailers, restaurants and others.

Last year, Sonic offered half-off cheeseburgers, and Staples shredded 5 pounds of your paper for free. Expect to find plenty of discounts and giveaways again this year.

Bonus: April Fools’ Day

April 1 may be a day for tricks and tall tales, but retailers don’t play when it comes to sales. If you want to buy something that’s not discounted in April, take advantage of a sitewide promo code to lower the price. Coupons will be plentiful on April Fools’ Day. Last year, stores like Kohl’s and Old Navy, among others, used the annual pranking day as an opportunity to dish out real deals.

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Updated March 29, 2017.

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