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What we’re excited about at this year’s Comic-Con

Here are some of the more exciting appearances at this year’s Comic-Con.


The Adventures of Tin Tin

While the motion-capture animation on display in the movie’s trailer is cause for concern, the characters and books were such childhood favourites that we’re still giddy with excitement. Besides, the combined might of Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson is certainly call for optimism.

The Amazing Spider-Man

While it may seem a bit soon for a series reboot, we’re excited to see what director Marc Webb has done with the series that ushered in the reign of comic book movies almost 10 years ago. The words “grittier” and “edgier” have been tossed about, which isn’t a great sign, but star Andrew Garfield hasn’t disappointed us yet.


Visionary director Tarsem Singh (the Fall) heads to ancient Greece to sprinkle some stardust on 300 with a cast that includes new Superman Henry Cavill, Freida Pinto, Stephen Dorff and Mickey Rourke. Looks like bloody good fun.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1

OK, we’re not really looking forward to this movie as much as the whining and moaning Comic-Con’s legion of fanboys let loose once the series’ even scarier legion of diehard fangirls shows up to crash their party. Twilight fans are expected to be lining up outside Hall H as early as Monday for the movie’s star-studded panel.


Game of Thrones

The cast of HBO’s new hit will be heading straight from San Diego to begin filming the show’s second season, so this is likely the last chance to get a Game of Thrones fix before the long winter ahead.

Doctor Who

Matt Smith, the latest — and 11th — actor to take on the iconic sci-fi character, will be making his first-ever trip to Comic-Con — most likely to receive a stern talking-to for making everyone wait so long.

The Walking Dead

Last year, the popularity of AMC’s zombie apocalypse series caught Comic-Con off-guard, with its initial panel packed to over-capacity, so hopefully this year they’re prepared for the show’s army of hungry fans looking for dirt on season two.


Once again, the Fox television hit with no discernible connection to the comic-book world — except that its characters are all outcasts — makes an appearance. But this year they’ve got a 3-D concert movie (out next month) to promote, too.

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