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What will you feel at the Museum of Feelings?

Given that eye contact on the train is considered rude at best, New Yorkers don’t express their feelings in public. But at the Museum of Feelings, you don’t even have to say a word.

Even before stepping inside, the walls of Brookfield Place’s resolutely cheerful pop-upintuit the city’s mood, glowing various colors based on the combined metrics of weather, the stock market, social media and other surefire ways to get us grumbling. Well, check your baggage at the door -this experience focuses on putting us back in touch with four emotionsusing sound, light, technology and the sense most closely tied to memory, smell. (Also because it’s all sponsored by Glade.)

Float on a lavender cloud in the Calm room; wander through an upside-down forest of glowing reeds to feel Joy; step inside a kaleidoscopic garden to experience Exhilaration; and get Invigorated while dancing on a floor of swirling patterns you create. You know, those good feelings you knew before the city wore them down to a sarcastic nub of pure irony.Through Dec. 15,230 Vesey St., free (so prepare to wait)

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