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‘What Would Ryan Lochte Do?’: Olympic swimmer gets own reality show

It was only a matter of time, right? After Ryan Lochte won medals – and hearts – at the London 2012 Olympics and guest starred in television shows like “90210” and “30 Rock” the heartthrob swimmer has now scored his own reality television series on E!

The six-episode weekly series will begin in April 2013.

“Ryan Lochte captured everyone’s attention at the Summer Olympics with his athletic prowess and his utterly unique and unaffected approach to life,” E! Entertainment President Suzanne Kolb said in a statement. “He is an incredibly endearing personality who is sexy, entertaining and fun. Watching this show, I believe people will fall into three categories: They want to be him, sleep with him or mother him.”

The series will show Lochte training and hitting up the Gainesville, Florida nightlife and just being and we’re guessing his American flag sunglasses and grill. Other Lochte family members will make an appearance on the show including his mother Ike, brother Devon and sisters Kristin and Megan.

A little recommendation to E!, if we may: We’re sure his training sessions are interesting, and he has fun when partying, we’re even slightly interested in his 150 plus shoe collection. The real reason we’re planning on watching is to see him in his swim gear again. We still can’t get this image out of our heads.

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