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What you could buy with potential T fare hike money

Following yesterday’s announcement that the T is on track to raise fares by next summer, Metro wanted to find out what you could buy with that extra money if it happens.

It is the first time in five years the MBTA is considering an increase, and in the past the spike has varied anywhere from 10 to 25 percent.

If the increase were to go up by 25 percent in July, that would mean those without a prepaid CharlieCard would be forking over an additional .50 cents everyday.

That’s $3.50 more a week.

And that’s just if you ride the train once a day. Most commuter take round trips.

After a little investigating, here are some things we found you could buy that would cost as much as apotential 25 percent increase.

What costs $3.50?

-Instant Underwear

-A stock battery for your Droid phone. Sorry iPhone-users

-Bleached Peacock feathers in various colors

-This cool, not-at-all-nerdy, alien figurine

-The Earth’s “best diapers”

-One gallon of gasoline. Sometimes

-Rubberized winter gloves. The envy of all your buds

-One, single, granite cabinet knob

-One small McDonalds coffee with a .01 cent tip.

Based on the $2 fare for a ride on the T, not using a pre-paid CharlieCard, here is what various increases could look like:

10%- $2.20

15%- $2.30

20%- $2.40

25%- $2.50

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