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What’s 2204355? Latest unexplainable web meme

TORONTO – It’s not surprising that Google’s latest list of hot searches includes queries about Canada Day, some recent movies, and the dreaded HST being launched in Ontario and British Columbia.

But what is 2204355 and why are so many people searching for it?

It appears to be one of those unexplainable viral sensations that appear out of nowhere and propagate across the web for no good reason.

If you visit Google, type in 2204355 and hit the I’m Feeling Lucky button you’ll be presented with the odd video that is taking web users by storm.

In the confounding video, a smiling young man is double fisting two chicken drumsticks in front of an animated rainbow-coloured background. He dances to a song that sounds like it would soundtrack an old Nintendo video game and occasionally takes bites of chicken.

Web sleuths have discovered the video of the dancing man appears to have been snipped from a bizarre Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial. As for who created the video and what it’s supposed to mean — if anything at all — no one has a clue.

According to Google, the viral trend has been particularly popular in the Philippines, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, Canada, the U.S., and the U.K.

Toronto users seem to be particularly in on the joke, as the city ranks third in terms of where people have been searching for “2204355” the most.

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