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What’s in a dog name?

I don’t usually name pets. Murphy came with a name that I assumed, quite incorrectly, he knew and responded to. My tabby was assigned an old man name (Oscar) along with his brother (Lloyd) by the girl who found their box. And although I’d love to take credit for Batman — a former office canary, who has since retired to Elkins Park — he was christened by a much more creative co-worker.

Stellaluna — a slightly unhinged calico no doubt trying to destroy my vase full of tulips as I type — is the exception. (She’s named after the bat, naturally, not Ellen Pompeo’s surely resentful baby.) And I have to admit, it’s worked out: Stella for short, Stellalunatic for when she topples the vase, eats the petals, and goes on a weekend-long bender.

In any case, my first attempt was more fun than most. This list of the most popular 2010 dog names compiled by Veterinary Pet Insurance may be completely Fido-free — there were only 13 in more than 500,000 — but it’s still pretty bland:

1.) Bella

2.) Bailey

3.) Max

4.) Lucy

5.) Molly

6.) Buddy

7.) Maggie

8.) Daisy

9.) Charlie

10.) Sophie

While I don’t support naming anything after “Twilight,” I suppose Bella the dog at least won’t have to go to kindergarten some day.

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