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What’s Menino done for Boston?

The mayor’s 16-year record has come under fire throughout the campaign from Flaherty, who has offered reforms of his own — such as dismantling the Boston Redevelopment Authority and creating mayoral term limits. Meanwhile, Menino has pointed to a reduction in crime, bringing the DNC to Boston and reacting quickly to the foreclosure crisis as achievements during his tenure.

Here’s a look at a few other areas in which the Menino administration has received both praise and criticism.


  • Pro — The city has adopted nationally-recognized green building standards under Menino’s direction; the South Boston Waterfront is transforming dramatically.
  • Con — Allston/Brighton residents have been frustrated by how the city has handled expansion projects into their neighborhoods from Harvard and BC; the stalled Filene’s project remains an eyesore and retail void in Downtown Crossing.


  • Pro — The administration has pushed for regulations on smoking in restaurants and banning trans fats, which health officials say will make for a healthier Boston.
  • Con — Some critics say that businesses are being unfairly punished amid plans to shutter cigar bars and prohibit pharmacies from selling cigarettes.


  • Pro — The city is seeking to transform underperforming schools into in-district charter schools; the department has expanded access to AP courses and programs to prepare students for college.
  • Con — The public school system has faced criticism over closing the achievement gap, funding athletics and operating a costly busing program.

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