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What’s new on campus?

Red River College salutes sustainability

Red River College (RRC) has joined the Province of Manitoba and several other partners to make the commitment to use “Lake Friendly” cleaning products in its facilities. In an announcement, Sara MacArthur, RRC’s Manager of Sustainability, said: “As part of our commitment to being a sustainability leader, we are pleased to do our part in helping restore the health of Lake Winnipeg by using Lake Friendly products.” In addition to RRC and the Province, other Lake Friendly partners include the University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Manitoba Hydro, Manitoba Lotteries and St. John’s Ravenscourt School.

The Lake Winnipeg South Basin Mayors and Reeves Inc., with financial support from the province, developed the Lake Friendly products campaign to promote the use of environmentally friendly products by individuals and businesses within the Lake Winnipeg basin. Lake Friendly products have been certified under Canada’s EcoLogo program, which includes rigorous testing by independent agencies.

Plane crash survivors tell their chilling story at University of Manitoba

For the first time in Canada, survivors of a 1972 plane crash told their story of what happened during 72 days on a cold Andes peak. Hosted by the University of Manitoba Office of Student Life, Jose “Coche” Luis Inciarte and Gustavo Zerbino engaged the audience of 500 with their dramatic account of the event, the decisions they were forced to make and the inspiration that kept them alive. On October 13, 1972, they were on Uruguayan Flight 571 with five crew and 38 other passengers when it crashed into the Andes Mountain range. After ten days, the survivors heard by radio that the search had been called off. On December 22, 1972, the world learned that despite seemingly insurmountable challenges, 16 individuals had defied the odds and were found alive. The event took place in the University Centre at the University of Manitoba. By sharing with others what they had to live through, their intention is to motivate others to overcome adversity, regardless of the circumstances.

University of Winnipeg compete in satellite design competition

Geocentrix Technologies Ltd. announced that the University of Winnipeg is among teams competing for Canada’s first Canadian Satellite Design Challenge (CSDC). This Canada-wide university competition is challenging universities to create new innovative satellite designs that may lead to advancements in this industry.

The challenge runs over two academic years and the winning team will be selected in late 2012, with the intention of launching its satellite into orbit to conduct a science research mission. Excitement is mounting as the teams work towards the first project milestone: a Preliminary Design Review, where experienced engineers and scientists from Canadian space industry will evaluate their initial designs. The CSDC will give participating students a solid foundation in satellite design, project management, and working in a large, inter-disciplinary team setting. This experience will also give the students an immense advantage when they graduate and begin looking for careers in the Canadian space industry or other high-tech companies.

Canadian Mennonite University gives peace a chance

In order to foster a dream of a more peaceful world, Canadian Mennonite University is hosting some of the world’s foremost peace building practitioners and teachers for its 3rd annual Canadian School of Peace building (CSOP) in Winnipeg from June 6 to 24. Participants can take the available courses for personal or professional development or for academic credit. CSOP will host mediators, teachers, authors, relief workers, and founders of various organizations.

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