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What’s not to Like?

Besides taking on two new members, there’s something different about the Like. The all-girl L.A. pop rock group have a new retro sound on their latest album, “Release Me” (out next week) and are sporting beehives and A-line dresses to match.

“We’ve always loved the ’60s,” says drummer Tennessee Thomas. “You know, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Supremes, and the Shangri-Las, and all that, but until we went into the studio with Mark Ronson, we didn’t really know how to make our music sound like that.”

To help achieve that gritty, soulful sound, Ronson did what he famously did with Amy Winehouse and took them to the Dap-Kings’ analog studio in Brooklyn.

And as far as their look: “It’s so much fun to do the beehives and the fake eyelashes and stuff,” says Thomas. “And then it becomes that thing of, if you don’t dress like it all the time, then you start feeling weird.”

It all sounds dangerously close to Winehouse country, but the Like aren’t worried about comparisons.

“I thought it was more exciting more than anything else,” Thomas says about the similarities. “Her record is one of the best of the past decade. There were few records that will stand the test of time and I think that’s definitely one of them. I feel like ’cause we’re a band we do come from a different place. If people like that, maybe they’ll like this.”

The Futureheads with The Like

Tonight, 8 p.m.

The Paradise

967 Comm. Ave., Boston $15, 617-931-2000


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