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What’s the deal with vajazzling?

You might want to get your bids in now. Apparently, the owner of the domain name vajazzling.com has put it up for auction and has already had a few bids.

If you haven’t heard of “vajazzling” yet, well you’re obviously not with it. Heck, they even talked about it on Fox News. Jennifer Love Hewitt brought the term to the mainstream when she confessed in some TV interview that she’d had it done as a pick-me-up to get over a broken heart.

Vajazzling is when women bedazzle their private parts with rhinestones and gems. While you’re at it, you might as well dye the region your favourite shade of pink.

Of course, women have been getting fancy for a while now; be it a full Monty Brazilian wax or shaping their pubic hair it into a portrait of George Clooney (okay, that might be an exaggeration, but hearts and lightening bolts are not, honest).

Frankly, I think all this “enhancing” is getting ridiculous. What was so wrong with the original model? When did this become an area where women feel they need to pimp, polish and deck out like a hot rod? And why are women doing this? When you read about most of these things, you inevitably come across some comment saying it’s all about “restoring women’s sexual confidence” or some such baloney. I’m not sure exactly how bedecking the area in gems and jewels is a confidence booster.

It’s bad enough that women feel pressure to keep up with all the latest fashion, make-up, hairstyles and shoe trends, now we have to start worrying about what our vagina is wearing?

Josey Vogels is a sex and relationship columnist and author of five books on the subjects. For more info, visit joseyvogels.com.

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