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What’s your winter wishlist?

Do you feel cold and chilled in your own house? Perhaps not so much when you’re moving about, but at those times when you’re reading, or camped out in front of a computer screen, reading, typing away with icy fingers and a cold-tipped nose.

Bah, at times like this I hate the winter. I love the way it can look, all white-covered and lacy, and I enjoy it immensely when I’m physically engaged, as in skating, or skiing or snowboarding. But I hate the feeling of being chilled through to the bone.

Here’s my wish list, and alternatives for those of you who, like me, are looking for a shot of heat during the cold season.

• Heated floors. Nothing better than stepping out of bed onto a warmed floor. If a heated floor isn’t going to work for you, use rugs.

• Heated towel bars to make towels and clothes warm, but also to heat up the bathroom so stepping out of the shower into cool air is not so downright unpleasant.

• A heated toilet seat is a nice touch.

• Fireplaces that radiate heat. No replacement for that wonderful luxury.

• A home sauna, or a hot tub. If you can’t find these luxuries at home, go and take advantage of one elsewhere, such as a fitness centre, for example.

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