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When a tour documentary just won’t do

A few years ago, the Brooklyn-based indie-film company Plexifilm approached the members of Animal Collective with the idea of producing a tour documentary. But given the bizarre imagery evoked by the band’s dense psych-prog sound, an objective camera pointed at the stage would hardly be able to capture the experience of their music.

Enter filmmaker Danny Perez, who befriended the band while serving as a roadie and live-visuals projectionist for Black Dice, the headliners on Animal Collective’s first tour. “We thought it would be fun to just make an open-ended experimental movie and have the sound and video interact in some way,”?Perez says.

After four years of back-and-forth collaboration, the result is “Oddsac,” which will screen Friday with Perez and band members in attendance. The filmmaker refers to the end product as “something pretty intense and raw. It feels like a weird fever dream even for me, and I edited it and know every nook and cranny. Ultimately, I think it forces people into either a desired consensual state or a frenzied, anxious state.”

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