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When can you bet on sports in New York state and city?

When can you bet on sports in New York city or state
When can you bet on sports in New York city?
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New York doesn’t like finishing second to New Jersey in anything.

So, don’t think for a second that the Big Apple is comfortable watching the Garden State’s sports-betting wagers and revenue skyrocket without getting a slice of the action itself — or overtaking its neighbor in the sector, altogether.

ESPN’s “State-by-State Sports Betting Bill Tracker,” which was last updated Oct. 16, currently lists New York as in the “on-deck circle” to join Nevada, Delaware, New Jersey, Mississippi, West Virginia and New Mexico as a legalized sports-betting state. Accompanying New York in the “on-deck circle” are Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, who are in position to become legalized sports-betting states as well.

If you do want to hop over the river and bet on sports today, you can do so. All you have to do is be present in the state, literally a foot across the border, to bet at FanDuel sportsbook. Click here to bet on FanDuel Sportsbook right now.

According to ESPN, New York filed for legislation that would have given the green light to sports gambling in the state, but failed passing it this past June. Still, there’s hope, as ESPN additionally reported that New York’s legislation regarding sports gambling could be re-introduced next year. So, while you can’t currently bet on sports in New York, that could change soon.

MetroBet estimates that sports betting will become legalized in the state of New York by October of 2019.

Of course, New Jersey’s booming success with sports betting should seemingly light a fire under New York to follow suit. For the month of September alone, New Jersey recorded a whopping $184 million in wagers for sports betting. If it continues with this rabid pace, there are analysts who think New Jersey can surpass Nevada in sports betting within a three-year window.

Conceivably, many New Yorkers must have contributed to New Jersey’s staggering number by taking a trip through the Lincoln Tunnel or over the George Washington Bridge to place a wager via one of Jersey’s several physical sportsbooks or online sites. (It’s worth noting that New Yorkers have to physically be in New Jersey to place a sports bet since the latter is a legalized sports-gambling state).

Now, just imagine if New Yorkers didn’t need to do that and could stay put and wager on sports.

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