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When do Girl Scout cookies go on sale in 2017?

Get your Girl Scout cookies starting this weekend!
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It’s almost time for the seasonal delicacy that is Girl Scout cookies. In case you forgot because Chris Rock wasn’t there to remind you during the Oscars this year, you can be dunking Thin Mints in cold milk and nibbling Trefoils with your tea beginning this weekend.

If you’re friends with the family of a Girl Scout, you’ve probably already placed your cookie orders. The rest of us have a six- to eight-week window starting from March 5, when the girls begin setting up tables at grocery stores, community centers and sidewalks all over the city.

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Cookies can only be bought directly from Girl Scout members to help them build five skills and raise money for local troop activities throughout the year as well as organizations within their communities. For their 100th year of selling cookies, the Scouts introduced S’mores cookies in two different varieties. And when it comes to cookies, more is always is better!

There are three ways to buy Girl Scout cookies: Find a cookie booth in your neighborhood either online or using the Girl Scout Cookie Finder app (iOS, Android), or visit Digital Cookie, where you can order directly from a local scout’s own web store.

According to theGirl Scouts of Greater New York, troop members across the five boroughs sold 1,274,467 boxes of cookies. Sweets are such serious business that there’s now a Cookie Executive Committee made up of scouts who sold over 500 boxes, which meets to discuss marketing strategies and directly helps other girls boost their sales.

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