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When do NYC public pools open and close in 2018?

when do nyc public pools open

Get those goggles ready, water lovers, because summer is officially here and you know what that means: public pools in NYC are open and ready for you and the crew. You already bought the swimsuit, read up about being body positive even if you didn’t hit your gym goals this year and now you’re just wondering when do NYC public pools open this year?

But before you get ready to cannonball your way into a wet and wild summer, get excited about the upgrades you can expect from the public pools in NYC. Five of the NYC public pools are now Cool Pools, which means they got some serious makeovers in time for this summer’s season. You can read all about the improvements, and find out where to find each borough’s upgraded pool in Metro’s guide to Cool Pools, but rest assured the changes include more (and new) lounge chairs for tanning and greenery for that tropical oasis feeling.

But enough about what you can enjoy while you’re there. You really just want to know when you can enjoy it. So, when do the public pools in NYC open in 2018?

When do NYC public pools open in 2018?

Splish, splash, New Yorkers, grab your suits! The NYC public pools, including those tricked out Cool Pools, are open starting tomorrow, Wednesday, June 27 for the 2018 season. (We hope you already know the indoor pools are open year-round. It’s the outdoor pools that shut their doors for the colder months.) The pools are open daily from 11am to 7pm with an hour break for cleanings between 3pm and 4 pm. But you can dive in even earlier if you’re up for Early Bird or Night Owl lap swim hours — you’ll just need to register for that.

when do nyc public pools open

When do outdoor public pools in NYC close in 2018?

When does all the splashing around come to an end for the year? You can expect NYC public pools to close for the summer season on September 9, 2018. Mini pools are the one exception, and those will shut down on Labor Day.


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