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When does ‘Broad City’ come back?

When does Broad City come back? Here's what we know. | Getty Images
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When does “Broad City” come back? That’s a question many fans are asking these days. The hit Comedy Central show was renewed at the end of 2015 for both Season 4 and Season 5, according to TV Line, but a lot of time has gone by and Season 4 only wrapped in December of 2017.

Could there be another long break before the next season? If the show’s production history provides any clues, it’s quite possible fans will have to wait awhile for Season 5.

For example, Season 3 premiered on February 17, 2016 but Season 4 didn’t premiere until September 23, 2017. What’s more, there was even a month-long delay for Season 4, with the initial premiere date being postponed from August to September by Comedy Central.

TV Line got a scoop from a Comedy Central insider that the postponement “was reflective of nothing more than a common scheduling change.”

In Season 4 of “Broad City,” Abbi and Ilana explored quirky, uncharted territory, with episodes focused on experiencing New York City during the brutal winter months, tripping on shrooms, being visited by Abbi’s mom and celebrating their “friendiversary.”

We even find out how the dynamic duo first met in Season 4.

Guest stars included: Steve Buscemi, RuPaul, Fran Drescher, Wanda Sykes and more.

With all the craziness going on these days, Abbi and Ilana have plenty of material to pull from for Season 5. What adventures await our “Broad City” stars in future episodes? Will there be new characters on the show? Guest stars? Only time will tell.

Until then, we’ll have to watch old episodes to get our fix. 

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