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When does Casual season 4 premiere on Hulu, and how many episodes are they releasing?

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It’s almost the end of the road for Casual. The fourth and final season is about to launch, and it’s not even a full run of episodes. We hope fans of the sibling sitcom have been bracing themselves to say goodbye to the quirky comedy. So, when will you see Casual season 4 episode 1 released on Hulu, and how many episodes is the streaming service dropping at once? We have the answers you’re looking for.

Yes, the Casual cast is just as sad to see it go as you, loyal viewer. “We were delighted and thrilled to find out we were getting another season. And then it was bittersweet to find out it was going to be our last season,” Michaela Watkins, who brings life to Valerie Meyer in the series, told Metro. “But at the same time, the scripts were that much more meaningful, and shooting it felt that much more heavy, in an immediate and thrilling kind of a way.”

Tara Lynne Barr, who plays Valerie’s daughter Laura on the show, explained to Metro that they’re grateful for the opportunity to wrap the series on their own terms. She mentioned knowing several people who had their shows cancelled abruptly. Thankfully for the actors and fans alike, that’s not the case with this one. And Casual season 4 episode 1 is almost here.

When will you see Casual season 4 episode 1?

So when do you get your first bittersweet look at the final season of the series with Casual season 4 episode 1? Hulu will be dropping the episode into their content library tomorrow. Knowing the streaming service, it will be added on Tuesday, July 31 at midnight EST. Yes, that means lucky West Coasters can stream the episode at 9pm PST today, Monday, July 30.

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How many episodes of Casual season 4 is Hulu releasing at once?

Sometimes the streaming service released multiple episodes at once to pique your interest. So are they only releasing Casual season 4 episode 1, or will there be more to stream when you blow through the season premiere? The real question is, how late are you willing to stay up tonight, because Hulu is dropping all eight episodes at once. That means you can finish the final season in the early hours of Tuesday morning if you get enough caffeine in you now.

Just because you can, though, doesn’t mean you should. We recommend pacing yourself — at least through the weekend — to savor the last of the sitcom as long as you can. And then, like any good binge-watcher, go back to season 1 and start all over again.


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