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When is Black Friday this year?

When Is Black Friday This Year

The best part of saying goodbye to the Halloween candy: those Black Friday sales right around the corner. But, now that you’re thinking about it, when is Black Friday this year?

First, before you even think about the crushes of sale-crazed shoppers, we need to remind you that another amazing holiday comes between Halloween and Black Friday: the day after Halloween. OK, so it’s not really a holiday, but it should be.

Hear us out. One day after Halloween, all the candy goes on drastic sale and you can stock up on all the chocolate, gummies and hard candies you could possibly want for cents on the dollar. But, hello, it’s still just as delicious as the day before. It’s not a day to be brushed off. Go ahead and prep the extra freezer space for frozen Reese’s now. It’s OK, we’ll wait.

But when is Black Friday this year?

You already know that Black Friday falls the day after Thanksgiving, which is always on a Thursday, with many people lining up for the most exciting sales just hours after housing a fantastic turkey day feast.

When Is Black Friday This Year Target

This year, all the Thanksgiving festivities fall on Thursday, November 23. That night, extremely motivated shoppers will make the trip through all that turkey-induced brain fog to line up outside of retailers with fantastic Black Friday deals, counting on their ongoing food coma to grant them a couple hours of napping out in the cold. Then get ready, everyone, because Black Friday this year begins bright and early at midnight Friday, November 24.

But if you’re too cozy to even contemplate braving the cold and the crowds, then we support your decision to stay indoors on Black Friday and simply hit the deals on Cyber Monday with a cup of hot cocoa by your side.


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