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When is Donald Trump’s birthday?

President Donald Trump will celebrate his 71st birthday. It will also be the first birthday he is celebrating since becoming the 45th president of the United States. 

Donald Trump’s birthday is June 14. 

When it comes to June birthdays, President Trump shares his birthday month with several notable celebrities and public figures including Marilyn Monroe, Morgan Freeman, Heidi Klum, Kanye West, Tupac Shakur, Ariana Grande,  Khloe Kardashian and Mike Tyson.

As for June 14 specifically, President Trump shares his birthday with other Geminis including Che Guevara, Boy George and German tennis legend Steffi Graf. 

How Will Donald Trump spend his 71st birthday?

While it is unclear what President Trump will do to spend his 71st birthday, there’s a good chance it will be spent at the White House with family.

On Sunday, first lady Melania and first son Barron Trump moved into the White House. The two had previously lived at Trump Tower in New York City and had been there for the first four months of Trump’s term as president. Their big move comes just in time for Trump’s 71st birthday, so there’s a chance he might have a private celebration with his family.

Before becoming president, Trump was accustomed to large-scale celebrations with lots of celebrities in attendance.

In 1996, Trump celebrated his 50th birthday at Trump Tower in New York City with his then wife Marla Maples and hundreds of attendees.

In June of 2005, Trump celebrated his 59th birthday and the first birthday with his new wife Melania in Atlantic City. That year, Trump held a special “Donald J. Trump Birthday Quarter Million Dollar Giveaway” birthday celebration in Atlantic City.

Last year, former President Barack Obama celebrated his 55th birthday at the White House with hundreds of special guests including Beyonce and Jay Z, John Legend, Ellen DeGeneres, George Lucas, Magic Johnson, Stevie Wonder and many others.  According to the New York Times, the Obamas tried to keep the event as secret as possible.

There hasn’t been any word whether President Trump will partake in any birthday festivities this year, but if he does, it will be interesting to see what that guest list looks like.

Who knows, maybe there’s a possibility he’ll skip his birthday plans and crash another wedding.