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When is Easter Sunday 2018 and why does the date change every year?

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When is Easter Sunday 2018? Maybe you only go to church on major holidays, or maybe you go regularly — but you were bold enough to try giving up caffeine for Lent this year. Either way you can’t remember.

It’s not your fault even if you’re a regular churchgoer. The date of the major Christian holiday changes each year and can even vary by month, so not being able to pin down Easter Sunday 2018 isn’t uncommon. Go ahead and ask a friend when is Easter Sunday 2018 and see if they can tell you without referring to their calendar app.

So, when is Easter Sunday 2018?

Although that depends on whether you’re Orthodox or not, most denominations of Christians as well as Catholics will celebrate Easter Sunday 2018 on April 1. If it seemed like it was closer than that, it’s only because Easter candy has been in the grocery store and drug store aisles for almost a month now.

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And, as you might have noticed, Easter Sunday 2018 shares the same calendar day with another holiday: April Fools’ Day. Let’s hope no Easter Bunny takes advantage of the situation by pulling pranks on poor unsuspecting people who have been waiting for some chocolate for 40 long days.

Why does the date of Easter change?

Last year Easter Sunday was in mid-April, this year it’s right at the beginning of the month. What gives? Why does the date of Easter change? It’s because, unlike Christmas, Easter is linked to a natural event, the timing of which varies from year to year.

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Easter is the celebration of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection, but these are said in the Bible to have taken place around Jewish Passover. But Passover was celebrated on the first full moon following the vernal equinox, which changed from year to year.

So if you’re wondering when is Easter Sunday 2018, it’s because while Passover began the evening of April 10 last year, this year it begins at sundown on March 30.

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