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When is Star Wars day?

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You’ve seen most the Star Wars movies — the big ones, anyway — but you’re still a little confused about who’s who, how exactly the force works and what started all the interstellar warfare in the first place. But lately you’ve been hearing an excited buzz around the office from your coworkers who are truly diehard fans about a certain unofficial holiday. So, when is Star Wars day, and what exactly is it anyway?

Never fear, you’re not going to have to ask one of your coworkers who know the franchise backwards and forwards. We’ll break down the basics so you know why they’re all excited without provoking their malice by making it clear you have no idea what midichlorians are.

So, when is Star Wars day, first of all?

When is Star Wars day? It’s May 4, every year, for a very simple reason. Saying “May the fourth” sounds a lot like “may the force” as in the jedi semi-religious send off “may the force be with you” from the Star Wars movies. Makes sense, right? So get in the spirit if someone greets you on Star Wars day 2018 with a hearty “May the fourth be with you.”

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And what is the point of Star Wars day?

Well, nothing in particular. It’s just a fun, unofficial holiday for celebrating the wildly successful franchise and bonding over your love of speaking Wookie with your coworkers and friends. It is, however, the perfect excuse to set up a Star Wars movie marathon. After all, Star Wars Day 2018 does fall on a Friday, meaning you can stay up all night watching and reenacting the lightsaber battles without dozing on your desk the next day.

But make sure you have some energy drinks and snacks available if you plan on really watching them all — and make sure you know exactly how many Star Wars movies you’re talking about and the length of each of them.