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When is the 2018 MLB Draft? TV, free live stream

When you look at the respective drafts of the major four sports leagues in the United States, Major League Baseball’s is by far the most underwhelming. 

While the NBA, NFL and NHL Drafts are all held in packed arenas with hundreds of analysts and pundits breaking down every single move, the MLB Draft is held at MLB Network studios in Secaucus, NJ with just a select few players on hand. 

It’s understandable why it’s so small, though. The MLB Draft is one of the most difficult processes for teams to navigate through while fans know very little about a majority of the prospects. 

There are thousands of youngsters that enter the MLB Draft every year who play across different levels of baseball, whether it’s high school or college or internationally where there is no consistent level of difficulty. 

In the other major sports, there is a hierarchy for the most part. Scouts look at an athlete’s performance against proven competition in college or junior leagues or, in some rare cases, high school and can easily ascertain (for the most part) how it can translate to the pros. In baseball, there is no consistency so almost every pick is a wild card. 

So while Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals is being contested between the Washington Capitals and Vegas Golden Knights, Major League Baseball will commence the first round of its draft, where you can find out how to watch below:

2018 MLB Draft viewing information

Date: Monday, Jun. 4

Time: 7 p.m. ET

TV: MLB Network

Live Stream: MLB.com

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