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When will Casual season 4 be added to Hulu?

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Are you emotionally preparing yourself to say goodbye to this sibling dramedy, starring Michaela Watkins and Tommy Dewey? That’s right, Casual season 4 will be the last hurrah, but this time Hulu’s doing something different to send off their series.

But the streaming service has a lot of loose ends to tie up before it says goodbye. The season 3 finale left a lot of storylines open, with Alex discovering Rae’s pregnancy after their one drunken night together and Val finding out that Laura had packed her bags and taken off to live with her hippie grandmother in Sacramento.

What to expect from Casual season 4

First and foremost, Hulu is only giving themselves eight episodes to wrap up all loose ends in the final season. Long-time fans of the show know that most seasons were around thirteen episodes, so it’s a substantial cut in content for the series. Suffice it to say that things are going to move quickly.

Thanks to Casual season 4 cast announcements, we also know that Laura’s getting a new girlfriend. Lorenza Izzo has been cast to play Tathiana, the new girlfriend of Tara Lynne Barr’s wandering teen character, TVLine reports. Maybe this means they’ll end Laura’s storyline in a happy, long-term relationship. We can only expect some ups and downs between Laura and Val considering how the mother-daughter relationship stands at the end of the third season.

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When will Casual season 4 kick off on Hulu?

As we mentioned, the streaming service is shaking things up and taking a note from their competitor’s playbook for the final season of this show. Casual season 4 will come to Hulu on Tuesday, July 31, but this time they’re dropping all eight episodes at once. Since they generally space them out to one a week, be careful you don’t blow through them too quickly. Remember, this is the final season we’re talking about. Savor it.


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