When will O.J. Simpson get out of, be released from jail, prison?

When, Will, O.J., Simpson, get out, be, released, from, jail, prison

O.J. Simpson could see the light of day sooner rather than later.

The former gridiron star who was famously acquitted of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman in 1995, could possibly be released from prison by October of 2017 – according to NBC News.

Simpson will have a parole hearing in July of 2017, with the hearing date schedule to be set in June. In 2013, he was granted parole on some charges from the 2007 armed robbery incident which finally landed him in jail. The charges he was granted parole on were two kidnapping charges, two robbery charges and burglary with a firearm.

In 2013, prison officials said that Simpson had no disciplinary actions against him.

From the NBC News article:

“Former Chairman Nevada Board of Parole Commissioners Thomas Patton said Monday that the board’s current options were to ‘grant release on parole, deny parole at this time and reconsider O.J. for parole at a later date, or deny parole and require O.J. to serve the remainder of his final sentence.

‘State law requires that the board consider the severity of the crime and various risk and other factors before deciding whether or not to grant parole,’ Patton said in a statement.

‘The board members are intelligent professionals and I am confident they will arrive at a very carefully considered decision,” he added. “And unlike some I cannot and have no desire to try to predict the outcome.'”

Simpson was found guilty for the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman in a civil case. 

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