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When will we find out Trump’s physical results?

Trump Presidential Physical Results
Trump's impending presidential physical results will be released after a briefing Tuesday. Photo: Getty Images

Dr. Ronny Jackson performed Trump’s “customary presidential physical” at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday, Jan. 12. And it seems like the whole world is waiting in anticipation for the results — supporters and adversaries alike.

The White House released a statement on behalf of the doctor, noting that the exam went rather well. The statement reads: “The President’s physical exam today at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center went exceptionally well.” Trump was then described as being “in excellent health.”

Skepticism was raised when this statement was released because, as MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow pointed out Friday, the White House misspelled Dr. Jackson’s name.

The White House wouldn’t say whether doctors would test Trump’s cognitive abilities during the exam. 

However, when Metro spoke to Director of Medicine for the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) Dr. Jamie Wells last week, she said that in terms of a presidential physical, “assessing appropriate cognition would be a routine component of such an exam,” and ultimately, “the doctor’s concluding statement that a person is medically fit to perform the job implies he would be mentally AND physically fit.”

So when will we find out Trump’s physical results?

In the same statement released by the White House shortly after Trump’s exam, Dr. Jackson said, “I look forward to briefing some of the details on Tuesday.”

Press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said a “written readout similar to those past” will be released following the Tuesday briefing.

In March 2016, Dr. Jackson released a detailed summary of Obama’s last physical, which was conducted a month prior. You can view this summary here.

And it’s important to remember that any results publicly disclosed from Trump’s physical exam have to be signed off by Trump himself. 

Check back to Metro for more details after Tuesday’s briefing.  

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