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When will we see NCIS season 15 on Netflix?

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At this point it’s hard to imagine your life without Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. You’ve been following NCIS since the first season, though you’re not always on top of the newest episodes. Luckily, you don’t have to be thanks to streaming services. So whether you fell behind on the latest episodes or just want to give the entire season a second watch, when can you expect NCIS season 15 on Netflix?

We’re going to try not to go into spoilers just in case you’re waiting to catch up on the newest season with your Netflix subscription. If you’ve managed to dodge hints about what’s to come in the fifteenth season so far online, hats off to you. We won’t be the ones to bring your successful streak to a crashing halt.

But we can tell you that if you still need to catch up on NCIS season 15, you’re in for some major twists and turns. The main characters that you’ve grown to know and love over the years will go through enough to keep you biting your nails the entire time — maybe keep a bag of chips handy for stress management once we finally get NCIS season 15 on Netflix.

But if the latest season just wrapped back in May of this year, won’t you be waiting a long time to see it in your Netflix queue? Actually, unlike The Walking Dead season 8, you’re going to see a pretty fast turn around for this one.

ncis season 15 on netflix

So when will we see NCIS season 15 on Netflix?

Keep those spoiler blockers on for now, but you don’t have to wait long to stream NCIS season 15 on Netflix. In an update about their constantly rotating content, the streaming service shared that you can finally hit play on the latest season of the police procedural drama on Sunday, July 1. That means you’re only days away from finding out what happens to the entire crew — but, of course, get ready for one serious cliffhanger at the end.