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When will we see Shameless season 8 on Netflix?

shameless season 8 on netflix

The latest installment of the adventures of the Gallagher family wrapped back in late January on Showtime. It’s been a long six months since the season finale and you’re itching to give it another watch, or at least keep it in the queue for those humid summer days when you just want to sit in front of the AC. So when will we see Shameless season 8 on Netflix? Clean that filter in your AC unit because we have the official release date.

If you’re eagerly checking your Netflix account for the newest season of the award-winning Showtime series, you’re probably all caught up on the latest exploits of the entire gaggle of Gallaghers and their alcohol father, Frank (played by William H. Macy). You’ve been waiting the them all raise hell in the South Side of Chicago since the beginning, and you’re ready to rip through the next chapter when we finally see Shameless season 8 on Netflix.

But just in case you’re waiting until the latest season hits the streaming service library to catch up, we won’t go into spoilers. Just remember that the previous season (7) left the entire crew to cope in their own unique ways with the loss of Monica. The Gallaghers are far from typical, and the ways in which they mourn their late mom is a reflection of that.

The newest season of the Showtime hit picks up right where season 7 left off, so no need to worry about any time jumps like in other popular shows.

shameless season 8 on netflix

So when will we see Shameless season 8 on Netflix?

Catch up on how Frank, Fiona, Lip and the rest of the Gallaghers are faring in the wake of this loss when the popular streaming service adds all 12 episodes to their extensive content library. You can hit play on Shameless season 8 on Netflix starting on July 28 through the show’s page in the streaming service. That’s just one short month away from today.