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Where candidate lives counts: Voters

More than 150 people sat shoulder to shoulder to hear eight Ward 6 candidates answer questions on urban chickens, the Stampede Board, and Race City speedway.

Of course, transportation was an issue, but a candidate’s service and community longevity and residence seemed to be the clear concern.

“I wouldn’t vote for someone who wasn’t living in the ward,” said 30-year Ward 6 resident, Elizabeth Da Silva. “They just don’t know the issues important to the area.”

More than 23 of 40 questions came in regarding candidates’ residence in the ward, making it a particularly hot topic at the meeting. Candidates pointed out their varying time spent in the community along with their perspective on pressing ward issues — and it did matter to the audience.

“This was a great opportunity to for me to come out and see all the of candidates. I hadn’t seen or heard from them before,” said Da Silva.

Civic camp will have three more forums this week with Ward 10 tonight at the Marlborough Community Centre, Ward 4 on Wednesday night at the Foothills Alliance Church and Thursday is Ward 3 at the Harvest Hills Alliance Church.

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