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Where there is smoke … there is complaints

While the number of fire pits complaints has more than doubled from 2007, the city’s bylaw boss says education seems to be working.

Bylaw director Bill Bruce said 494 complaints were lodged by the end of August, compared to 407 all of last year and only 217 in 2007, but he says most of those complaints are first-time offenders.

“There are very few repeat offenders. It’s actually more a matter of burning things that are inappropriate and once we educate them on the proper ways to have a safe fire, we don’t usually see them again,” Bruce said.

Bruce thinks the increasing complaints may be the result of the cooler summer or the media coverage, he added.

Calgarian Brenda Cameron enjoys fire pits and said as long as people are being respectful, she doesn’t see the problem.

“If people aren’t burning wet wood, the smoke shouldn’t be that bad. I know smoke is bad for some people though, but those people should just stay inside.”

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