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Where to find Mister Softee ice cream trucks in NYC this summer

Hannah Mattix

Since its inception in 1956, Mister Softee has been a staple for summer soft serve fans around New York City and the tri-state area. In the sea of ice cream trucks roaming the city streets, nothing can beat childhood memories of the original.

“I’ve grown up with [Mister Softee] probably as long as I can remember,” said student Joe Lopinto, 17, as he waited behind a line of eager children waiting for their soft serve in Union Square. “It’s so recognizable. You see a truck and you know it’s Mister Softee.”

The Mister Softee franchise claims to have more than 600 trucks operating in over 15 states. With other soft serve trucks like New York Ice Cream, Frostee Soft Serve and, yes, even a Master Softee, Mister Softee isn’t exactly without competition. However, it has New Yorkers hooked.

“The way they make [soft serve] is different from the other trucks. The ingredients are great,” said Richard Figreo, 26, while taking a break from his waiter job to grab a soft serve treat. Visiting Mister Softee trucks is a tradition Figreo has carried on from childhood. “Best of all is that they’re convenient and cheap,” he said, laughing.

While Mister Softee trucks aren’t chained to one location, here’s a map of some of the areas the elusive ice cream treats have been spotted.

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