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Where to get your slush on

Where to get your slush on

Boozy slushies may very well be the downfall of us all. Summertime sugary, icy, hard liquor-laced cocktails that you can slurp down at in a rapid consumption that will inevitable — well, end poorly. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be writing them off any time soon. Here are some to try.

Fenway’s Hokojo — the almost too hip Japanese hot spot tucked away in the Verb Hotel — serves a range of frozen blends including the spicy take on a strawberry daiquiri. Deemed the Birds Eye, this strawberry-lime rum blend is spiked with chili for an icy-hot sensation that’s dangerously addictive. If you’d prefer to indulge: the “Oooh Mommy” Grasshopper is even better than Shamrock Shake season, creaming white miso, vanilla ice cream with cacao, Fernet-Branca and Branca Menta for a sweet sip with a mean streak.

Night Market in Harvard Square, tucked away on Winthrop Street, whips up a range of sake slushies that change from season to season. Alongside a range of Asian street food small plates, guests can imbibe on pineapple-coconut punch — a sake version of the pina colada — or the sake du jour, which is known to range based on the bartender’s choice.

In the South End, Banyan — brought you by the same folks who do The Gallows just a few blows away —has Kirin Ichiban beer… in slushy form. That’s right — straight-up beer slush ready to be slurped down with all the flavor and alcohol content you crave and none of the excess carbonation. Consider this a beer lover/hater’s new best friend.

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