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Where will ‘Game of Thrones’ go from here?

Not only has “Game of Thrones” been a thrilling ride this year, but the quickened pace sees our heroes — and our villains — getting s—t done. Westeros might be a mess, but at least it’s a action-packed mess that leaves a little room for romance.

We’re officially over halfway through the episodes for Season 7. What’s happened, and what’s in store for the future? Here, Metro’s two biggest “Thrones” fanatics — Rachael Vaughan Clemmons and Eva Kis — talk about whether Jon and Danerys are the endgame, speculate on the future of the Lannister name and say a long farewell to Dorne.

What’s going on between Jon and Dany?

Eva Kis: Dany left Daario behind because she’s looking to marry into power in Westeros. That power is Jon, so like, that’s not even a question.

Rachael Vaughan Clemmons: That’s true, she did say as much at the end of the last season.

EK: But she could be doing a better job of seducing him, if that’s the goal. Because Jon is neither the most perceptive nor passionate of men. 

RVC: Yes! In a lot of ways, he’s very much Daario Lite, which I would like to trademark. The chemistry is definitely not the same, but the only way I can see the series going forward is an inevitable union between the two of them.

EK: Also worth noting that he has looked into the eyes of the real enemy and feels a duty to protect the North from it. He can see the advantage of an alliance, too, but someone needs to say the words “MARRY THAT GIRL” to him. Ahem, Ser Davos.

RVC: Yeah, stop staring at Missandei and get to work, my dude. It’s kind of weird to me that the word “marriage” hasn’t come up yet. Do you think it will by the end of the season, at least?

EK: I think it has to. The cave thing was supposed to be way more romantic than it was, if you listen to David Benioff tell it. It’s pretty clear that’s the endgame, but they’re not going to get there without both sides realizing what has to happen and finding a way to marry for convenience, if nothing else?

What happens to the people of Dorne and Highgarden?

RVC: I like how “Thrones” was basically like, “Oh we’re actually going to act as if Dorne never happened and kill everyone off.” But it begs the question: What happens to the people of Dorne and Highgarden now that the Martells and Tyrells are all gone? Westeros is a mess.

EK: They are wrapping up a lot of storylines that just never really went anywhere or simply ended. The Tyrells were all dead except for the matriarch. And Dorne was only there to be sexy and bolster Daenerys’ ranks for a little while. It sucks but this show needed to narrow its scope since we’re getting closer to the end.

RVC: True, but the people of Dorne were severely underused. Except for Oberyn. He truly was magnificent. RIP, my dude.

EK: Dorne, we hardly knew ye.

Let’s talk about the Lannisters.

RVC: The Lannisters — like many of the other great families of Westeros — are basically down to their last few. The Lannister name is definitely not going to survive this war, and Cersei knows it. She also doesn’t care — remember when Jamie mentions that the so-called dynasty she’s trying to build won’t be passed on to anybody since all their kids are dead? And Cersei is like, “Oh then, a dynasty for us!”

It’s also worth mentioning that Jaime is finally kind of seeing outside of himself and realizing Cersei is mad AF. What conclusions will he come to once he finds his way out of that river, or whatever? He’s definitely going to make it out, right?

EK: BuzzFeed had this interesting piece that basically comes down to: Jaime will need to rid himself of his armor and his legacy to survive. 

RVC: Yeah, he’ll have to literally strip himself of his armor, and mentally strip himself of his name and legacy in order to get out of there. Most likely just to be Dany’s prisoner. Perhaps a Jaime and Tyrion reunion is on the horizon. 

I’m also hoping that someone will be able to explain to me why Cersei is choosing to keep that disaster haircut. But, we’ll see.