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Which gender stresses the most come Valentine’s Day?

Whether you’re lucky at love or anxiously looking, the upcoming romantic comedy Valentine’s Day aims to analyze the swelling stress that squires a full day of devotion.

No matter on what side of the equation you sit, one such issue that the star-studded affair explores —which gender encounters the most pressure on Valentine’s Day — found many of the film’s actors definitely in agreement recently in L.A.:

Jennifer Garner: “Men —unless you’re in Japan. We’ve learned that in Japan, women choose a guy to give a chocolate to (on Valentine’s Day) so the guy’s just waiting to get the chocolate … but here it’s definitely the men. The men have to make it happen.”

Anne Hathaway: “I absolutely think it’s women, of course! I have to side with my gender … I just think it’s so much pressure to find a red dress, to find a Valentine’s Day-coloured dress. What if it’s not in your color palate, what do you do?”

Jessica Alba: “It depends who you talk to. Generally, I think women get a little more excited about the idea of having a Valentine or a secret admirer or a boyfriend and guys —maybe not so much. But I know some guys who are totally into it and they’re sad if they don’t have a date on Valentine’s Day.”

George Lopez: “There’s more pressure on men. That gear is stripped — the gear that tells us that ‘Hey, Valentine’s Day is coming; you ought to get some cards a couple weeks in advance and properly sign them … and not send a text.’”

Jamie Foxx: “Man, I just remember having those crushes (in school) and nothing like it going your way … (one of my friends recently) bought (his Valentine) underwear. Not Victoria’s Secret! Like drawers!”

Topher Grace: “I have been in the situation where you’ve been dating about two weeks; it hasn’t even dawned on me that Valentine’s Day is coming and this year I really should know, but it kind of comes up on you and all of a sudden. It’s this day about commitment and you have to make some kind of statement or non-statement — it’s a lot of pressure for a guy.”

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