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Which product goes on first, reducing skincare confusion

Our appetite for anti-aging solutions feeds a constant release of new technology, ingredients and formulations. As a result, skin care regimens have become more complicated than wash-dry-moisturize. Now we have AHAs, retinol, SPF, vitamin treatments, topical lighteners, concentrated serums and more. “I find that women have trouble figuring out the order of products,” comments dermatologist Dr. Paul Cohen, who appears regularly on Canada AM.

A new Applications Tips feature on NeoStrata.ca can help reduce application confusion whether or not the site visitor uses a full regimen of products. NeoStrata, a Montreal-based Canadian company, specializes in anti-aging and anti-acne care in formulations ranging from cleansers to at-home dermatological treatments.

Executive Vice President Lucy Papas says their staff prompted the initiative. “Every time we’d launch something new, there’d be someone eager to use it who would ask, ‘Now, do I put on my Vitamin C first, or my retinol first?’ We realized that if we in the industry have these concerns and questions, surely there must be more people out there who do,” she explains.

NeoStrata’s tips outline the application order of specific types of day and night formulas. Each step also provides a ‘why’ that can be applied to skincare in general. For example, a note linked to the Vitamins & Serums step explains that applying them before moisturizer allows skin to absorb them better, and that “moisturizer creates a barrier which keeps your skin hydrated and locks in the benefit of the vitamins.” That’s information even non-NeoStrata users can appreciate.

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