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Which states will get hit hardest by Obamacare repeal?


As promised, President Donald Trump issued an executive order Jan. 20, just hours after taking the oath of office, that began the process of appealing the Affordable Care Act.

The signature health care legislation crafted by former President Barak Obama has helped more than 20 million Americans gain coverage since 2010, resulting in thelowest uninsured rate in history. Other provisions have helped young adults afford plans andmade it illegal to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions.

But Republicans have vilified the reform measures— nicknamed Obamacare— which have in some cases saddled customers withplans with highdeductibles and high premiums while narrowingcare networks.

Repeal willleave an estimated 18 million uninsured in the first plan year following repeal, then 32 million by 2026, according toofficial estimates, but the true impact will vary state to state.

To find out which states would suffer most from the ACA repeal, WalletHub analyzed the expected growth in uninsured populations, the presence of Planned Parenthood funding, the potential for lost jobs and economic impact, the growth in uncompensated care costs and the share of insured young adults across all 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

Here’s how WalletHub ranked all 50 states based on which residents had the most to lose:

1. Massachusetts 18. Montana 35. Wyoming

2. West Virginia 19. Illinois 36. Tennessee

3. Kentucky 20. Washington 37. Idaho

4. Rhode Island 21. Maine 38. Missouri

5. Oregon 22. Minnesota 39. Virginia

6. North Dakota 23. Maryland 40. North Carolina

7. New Hampshire 24. Vermont 41. Florida

8.Michigan 25. Colorado 42. Alaska

9. Ohio 26. Delaware 43. Georgia

10. Connecticut 27. Wisconsin 44. Kansas

11. Iowa 28. Louisiana 45. Utah

12. Pennsylvania 29. Indiana 46. South Carolina

13. Arkansas 30. Hawaii 47. Arizona

14. District of Columbia 31. Nebraska 48. Alabama

15. New Jersey 32. Nevada 49. Oklahoma

16. California 33. New York 50. Mississippi

17. New Mexico 34. South Dakota 51. Texas

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