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While you were sleeping…

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry (R) meets with French PresidentFrancois Holland
REUTERS/Rick Wilking

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John Kerry arrived to give Paris a PDA after the city’s police rounded up more suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shooting. North Korea declared that it, too, is fighting terror.

Two convicts were put to death, and Google Glass was killed off in its current form. Julianne Moore and Michael Keaton fared better, scoring prizes at the Critics Choice Awards in LA.

Police arrested more Paris shooting suspects before Kerry arrived

Despite none of his state colleagues showing up to Sunday’s vast Charlie Hebdo solidarity march, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Paris to share a “big hug” and work out how to tackle terrorism with President Francois Hollande. Overnight police had rounded up more suspects in last week’s massacre, while in neighboring Belgium, police killed two gunmen as part of raids on Islamists said to be planning attacks across Europe.

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North Korea joined the war against terrorism

The secretive regime declared that it was taking measures to fight the financing of terrorism and money laundering on its soil. Last week it sent a message of support to the French saying it opposed terrorism. There was no mention of cyberhacking today, though – Pyongyang says it is innocent of the cyberattack on Sony Pictures, though the U.S. slapped more sanctions on the regime anyway.

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Oklahoma had killed its first convict since last year’s failed lethal injection

Less than a year since Clayton Lockett writhed in agony after being administered a dodgy dose of lethal drugs, Oklahoma went back to the death chamber. Murderer and rapist Charles Warner, was put to death around the same time as Florida convict Johnny Kormondy, who had spent most of his life on death row.

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Google ditched its exciting but embarrassing eyewear

How many of your friends forked out for a pair of Google Glasses? I thought so. Google said that it was taking its smart glasses off the shelves and out of the Google X lab, which is plotting other weird and wonderful gadgets including the driverless car. The wearable tech will still be developed but will have its own separate division.

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Michael Keaton, Julianne Moore and the “Boyhood” crew celebrated wins

“Boyhood” won prizes for best movie, best director for Richard Linklater and best supporting actress for Patricia Arquette, at the Critics Choice Movie Awards, voted for by more than 250 North American critics. Michael Keaton was named best actor and best actor in a comedy for “Birdman”, while Oscar-favourite Julianne Moore won best actress for her role in “Still Alice”.

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