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While you were sleeping…


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Before you set off for work this morning, China rebuked the U.S. military for its actions in the disputed South China Sea. The U.S. Coast Guard warned the cleanup of the oil-fouled San Refugio State Beach beach could take months.

International pressure increased on the Myanmar government after its navy rescued a further 200 migrant boat people. Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav was arrested in Las Vegas for a DUI infringement.

Ireland looks set to be the first nation to back same sex marriage by popular vote.

Ireland to vote in favor of gay marriage
For a nation considered to be as conservative as Ireland today’s vote for same sex marriage represents a watershed moment in the country’s history.
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China unhappy with U.S militarysurveillance
China claims ownership of 90 percent of South China Sea islands including the Spratly Islands. Now it is unhappy that the U.S. just caught it building on territory which doesn’t actually belong to China.

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The Asia boat people crisis continues
Another boat of Rohingya Muslim refuges has been rescued by the Myanmar navy, though the Myanmar government claims tthey are of Bangladeshi origin.

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Oil spill could be worst in almost five decades
The clean up of beaches along the Santa Barbara coastline could take months according to the U.S. Coast Guard and the situation may yet worsen.

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Rapper Flavor Flav in trouble
In Las Vegas Public Enemy’s Flavor Flav has been busted for driving under the influence even though his driving license is suspended.

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