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While you were sleeping…

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Good morning.

As you slept in your bed, Nepalese had to sleep outside. The U.S. mourned a Google exec Everest explorer and climate change champion while Israel saved surrogate babies and their dads.

John Kerry planned Iran negotiations while international leaders failed in Bali 9 mercy pleas.

Nepalese fled post-quake capital

Facing a lack of food supplies and running water and sleeping outside rather than inside their ruined homes after the earthquake, people are trying to escape Kathmandu. The death toll has topped 3,200 and is still rising.

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The US lost an eco-activist

It turns out that the charismatic Google exec who lost his life in the Everest post-quake avalanche was campaigning to save the snow that killed him. Dan Fredinburg, a dashing ex-boyfriend of Sophia Bush, was co-founder of Save the Ice.

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Kerry planned Iran meet

While world leaders gather at a conference to discuss the UN global anti-nuclear weapons treatytoday in New York, John Kerry is set to take advantage to further anti-atomic talks with Iran. Probably a proper sit-down, though, rather than a chat during a coffee break.

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Indonesia stuck by its guns …

… And is still planning an execution by firing squad for nine convicted Bali drug smugglers, despite queries about the trial, and pleas from international leaders.

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Gay dads and babies were evacuated

Israel brought home gay men and the babies they’d had via Nepalese surrogate mothers on return legs of aid flights sent to the quake-devastated country. Israel forbids same-sex couples to father through surrogates, so many go to Nepal.

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