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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…

Good morning

While you slept, another Syrian UNESCO-world heritage site was under threat from ISIS. California’s wildlife was under threat as an oil clean up started.

Jeb Bush denied humans are to blame for climate change, while Janice Dickinson sued Bill Cosby over rape claim denials.

America’s first Red Nose Day was a great excuse to watch Peter Dinklage’s Game of Thrones death recap track.

World history was threatened

ISIS has gained control of the Syrian city of Palmyra, and its remarkable, beautiful and irreplaceable ancient ruins. The iconoclastic fundamentalist group has a habit of blowing up world heritage sites, like Iraq’s Nimrud, aka the cradle of civilization, and selling off the artefacts. Cultural experts have removed statues from Palmyra but structures – including 2000-year-old columns – have been left behind and are under threat.

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California declared a state of emergency

The clean up of beaches along the Santa Barbara coastline are under way. Things are so bad, governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency.

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Jeb Bush refused human blame for climate change

The rightwing potential presidential candidate isn’t much of an environmentalist, it seems. He has declared that scientists are arrogant for blaming people for climate change, and says it shouldn’t be that high on the agenda.

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Janice Dickinson sued Cosby

The veteran supermodel is suing the comedian for defamation after his attorney rejected her rape claims. She says the comedian called her a liar and inflicted emotional distress and damage to her reputation.

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Tyrion sang a survival song

Actor Peter Dinklage teamed up with Coldplay for a hilarious Game of Thrones musical to air on NBC tonight. The ditty about outliving heroes including Ned Stark is part of America’s first Red Nose Day comedy fundraising event.

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