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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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As you woke up with a hangover, Russia accused the United States of giving it a headache in Ukraine.Kurdish militia promised to hand back the body of an American who fought alongside them in Syria.

French PM Valls was sorry for taking his kidsa soccer match in Berlin – on a government jet, while disgraced cycling champ Armstrong said people treat him like Voldemort. Baseball had its sights on a return to the Olympics at Tokyo 2020.

Russia said U.S. encouraged the Ukraine crisis

After the U.S. State Department accused Russia of violating their arms treaty, Moscow hit back and said that it’s the U.S. that’s exacerbating the fighting in Ukraine. It accused the U.S. of ‘megaphone diplomacy’ and encouraging Kiev to keep fighting for Crimea.

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France’s PM apologized for a soccer jet trip

Manuel Valls is in hot water after flying his kids from Paris to Berlin to watch a football match at the invitation of Michel Platini, boss of European football association UEFA, who’s being considered for the top job at FIFA. He’s offered to refund French taxpayers for his kid’s trips.

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Lance Armstrong was feeling sorry for himself

People treat me like I’m that Voldemort guy that nobody wants to talk about, said disgraced cyclist Armstrong.

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Kurds agreed to return American fighter’s body

The U.S. State Department told us that Keith Broomfield had been killed in Syria after traveling there to fight ISIS alongside Kurdish militia. Now they’ve said that they’ll hand his body over to his family in Turkey. He’s thought to be the first American citizen to die fighting with Kurds.

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Baseball could score in Tokyo

The World BaseballSoftball Confederation is batting for the sports to return to the Olympics program for the Tokyo Olympics 2020. They were last included at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but as the Japanese are huge baseball enthusiasts there’s a good chance that they’ll be back on the schedule for the Olympics there.

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