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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Before you checked your email today, the U.S. suspected China of a massive data hack. Relatives of the YangtzeRiver disaster were angry with the Chinese authorities, who were furious with Vietnam for running a tourism cruise.

Tourists were trapped as an earthquake shook the island of Borneo, while Nestle India withdrew noodles after a lead scare.

The U.S. accused China of a data hack

U.S. authorities are pointing the finger at China over a data breach that compromises the personal detaisl offour million federal employees. China’s pretty offended and has called the accusations “irresponsible”.

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Vietnam provoked China

Tourists with a strong interest in current affairs might want to take the Vietnamese government’s ‘sovereignty’ cruise. The $800 boat trip tours the hotly-contested islands and reefs of the Spratleyarchipelago in the South China Sea. Again, China’s pretty offended.

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Yangtze River shipwreck was righted

The death toll of the capsizedChina cruiser rose to 97 as authorities worked on hoisting the wreck into an upright position. More than 1,200 of the victims’ relatives have gathered at the site and they’re livid at the lack of communication over the event.

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Borneo hikers were trapped

Tourists who had hiked up,Mount Kinabalu,one of the highest mountains in South East Asia,were stuck there as an earthquake hit the Malaysian island of Borneo this morning.

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India banned Nestle noodles

The food multinational rushed to pull its Maggi instant noodles off shelves in Indian stores after the country’s food authority branded the product ‘hazardous’. High levels of lead were found in the snacks though Nestle claims they’re still safe to eat.

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