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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning!

Before you woke up, an ISIS boy executed an Israeliteen, and Utah brought back the firing squad.

Ferguson’s city manager quit and Top Gear’s presenter was suspended.Hillary Clinton was under fire over personal emails.

An Israeli teen was shot by an ISIS kid

The Islamic extremist group revealed its latest gruesome video in which a 19-year-old Israeli Arab was shot by a boy. The teen had run off to join the militant group while on a trip to Turkey, and his dad says he was accused of being an Israeli spy after trying to flee.

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Ferguson city boss quit

John Shaw, the manager of the city where Michael Brown was killed, has had to resign after a report found systematic racism in the mostly-white police force there.

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Hillary tackled personal email critics

The potential Democrat presidential candidate is fending off criticism as it was revealed she used her personal email for work as Secretary of State. Sign of corruption or easy mistake to make, either way the Republicans are having a field day.

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Utah brought back the firing squad

Execution by firing squad sound archaic and barbaric? The state only stopped using it in 2004. It’s bringing it back in case the executioner ever can’t get their hands on a lethal injection.

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Irritating ‘Top Gear’ star was put on standby

Presenter Jeremy Clarkson is famous for offending just about everyone from Mexicans and Argentinians to women. Now he’s finally on the bench after a run-in with his producer. He might just have finally run out of luck – he’s already on his final warning from the show after making casual racist comments on set.

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