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While you were sleeping…

While you were sleeping…
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Good morning!

After you turned your light off last night, Obama fought misconceptions about Islam and U.S. officials planned peace talks with the Taliban.

Oregon swore in our country’s first bisexual governor. Vanilla Ice was arrested for stealing his neighbor’s pool heater.

Obama made it clear we’re fighting ISIS, not Islam

The President spelled out the message at the end of a three-day summit on ‘violent extremism’ in D.C.. He called on Muslim leaders to fight the notion that the maniacs fighting in the name of the Islamic religion represent them, as well as the perception that the West is fighting Islam, rather than terrorists.

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The U.S.’ first bisexual governor set to work

Oregon’s new governor Kate Brown is a women of milestones: the first woman to become state Senate majority leader, she’s just become the country’s first LGBTgovernor.

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Officials geared up for Taliban talks

Remember, before ISIS and al Qaeda, there was the Taliban? The hardcore Islamic fundamentalist group that ruled Afghanistan then was overthrown after 9/11, continues to fight in the country. The Pakistan army said that Afghan leaders are ready to talk about conditions for ending the war, but wasn’t clear where the talks would be held.

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Vanilla Ice got licked by Florida police

The Ice Ice Baby rapper wasn’t feeling so chilled yesterday after being cuffed for stealing furniture from his neighbor’s empty house in south Florida. He pinched bikes, furniture and a pool heater to dress up his crib for a new reality TV show he’s filming for a DIY channel.

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