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While you were sleeping…


Good morning

Before you pulled on your snow boots this morning, Obama sat by as India’s prime minister was publicly chastised by the president. UK prime minister David Cameron recovered from a prank call, while Syria’s President was serious when he suggest cooperation with the U.S..

As NY Assembly speaker Sheldon Silver planned some time off, hackers worked overtime to sabotage Malaysia Airlines’ website.

India’s President criticized the PM as Obama looked on

President Obama was the first U.S. president to attend Republic Day in India, where he is visiting for talks. In a speech during the celebrations, the country’s president reprimanded the government for ruling by decree and failing to address violence against women.

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Sheldon Silver prepared to shut up shop

NY Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said he would take time off after being arrested on federal corruption charges last week. Sources said that he would be delegating his duties, rather than resigning, after Democrat colleagues said that he would be impaired in his role during the court proceedings.

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Syria’s president suggested U.S. cooperate on ISIS strikes

The U.S. went into Syria four years ago to try to topple the regime led by President al-Assad. Then ISIS became one of the opposition forces in Syria so U.S. troops were targeting them too. It all became very complex. Now al-Assad is suggesting the countries cooperate in the fight against ISIS.

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‘Lizard Squad’ hackers targeted Air Malaysia’s site

Air Malaysia bosses woke up this morning to find a lizard in a top hat and tux on its home page, along with the message ‘404 plane not found’, in reference to the missing airplane MH370. No direct ISIS links were clear but the Lizard Squad group, known for denial-of-service hacks, called itself the ‘Official Cyber Caliphate.’

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UK reviewed its caller ID after PM took call from a fake spy chief

A prankster who passed himself off as the head of UK’s intelligence agency, said he was ‘wasted’, when he talked to Prime Minster David Cameron on Sunday. Earlier in the day he’d managed to get the eavesdropping agency boss’ private mobile number by posing as a government aide.

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